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Sue Salach-Cutler and Fran Piekarski co-host this podcast on the challenges caregivers face when helping their loved ones. Each episode is committed in ensuring that our listeners, and those they care for, live a life with dignity, no matter their mental or physical state. We advocate for our listeners in a system that grows more complicated each year.

Apr 30, 2020

Reducing Stress with Scents 

Fran shares ways to relieve stress through Aroma Therapy. Sue asks Fran to share scents and examples that are soothing during times of stress.

Some examples include Lavender. It's important to dilute with coconut oil for wound care and scrapes. If not diluted, it can actually stimulate.  You don't want that!

You can also diffuse oils in water and steam into the air or when on the go, using felt furniture stickies on lapels. A number of scents are discussed.

Podcast Produced by Habanero Media